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MSW Durian Snowkin Mooncake

MSW Durian Snowkin Mooncake

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  • 100% Pure MSW Durian Filling

Encased in handmade mochi snowskin, and filled with 100% MSW Durian Puree. |These mooncakes definitely packs a punch!

All orders come in a specially designed limited edition 'book' box, with Rachelrax's cooler bag and ice pack.
Each Standard Mooncake is about 100g, Mini Mooncake is about 50g
All mooncakes will be individually encased in a plastic case.

Storage Instructions:
Keep frozen up to 1 month. Best consumed within 3-4 days when kept at chiller temp. Always keep mooncakes sealed in the case. Defrost at room temp for 10-15mins before consuming.

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