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Signature Galaxy Mooncakes

Signature Galaxy Mooncakes

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  • Lotus with Salted Egg
  • Lavender Lotus with Yuzu Curd
  • Chocolate Lotus with Butterscotch
  • Coffee Lotus with Speculoos 'n Cacao Nibs

Our galaxy mooncakes are unique alternatives to your traditional or usual snowskin mooncakes. With a texture almost like ice cream, these decadent mooncakes are not only light on the palette, they are also firm enough to be easily sliced up to sharing pieces, like how you would share a regular mooncake.

All orders come in a specially designed limited edition 'book' box, with Rachelrax's cooler bag and ice pack.
Each Standard Mooncake is about 7cm in size, and Mini Mooncake is about 4cm in size
All mooncakes will be individually encased in a plastic case.

Storage Instructions:
Keep refrigerated. Best consumed on same day, up to 2-3days. Always keep mooncakes sealed in the case. Can be kept frozen up to 1 week. Defrost 15-30mins before consuming.
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